Lotte World Adventure Busan is celebrating a fine start to life as a brand new theme park.

The park has welcomed over half a million visitors during its first 100 days of operation. 

One out of every seven citizens currently living in the city of Busan have visited the park.

The park, designed by Hollywood, CA-based Legacy Entertainment, in cooperation with Lotte World is the main hub of activities at Busan’s Osiria Tourism Complex, a 900-acre development to increase the city’s profile as an international leisure destination.

“It goes without saying that we are thrilled for our friends and partners at Lotte World with the remarkable attendance at the new park in just 100 days,” says Barry Kemper, Legacy Entertainment’s Chief Operating Officer, as well as one if its owners. 

“Leading up to the opening, it was unclear what impacts the pandemic and dearth of international tourism might have had on the park’s performance. Fortunately, the local population showed up en masse, and the park now has a solid foundation upon which it can grow.”