"Once and for all, people will realise we’re not selling the park today, we’re not selling the park tomorrow," Shapiro told US reporters.

Among the US$14m renovation plans are the Thomas Town kiddie area, which is currently under construction, and a facelift for the X coaster, which will emerge with a new look under the name X2: Xtreme to the Second Power.

Trains on the six-year-old ride will be replaced with new, lighter aero-dynamic vehicles, while the ride welcomes a new crowd tunnel full of lighting and audio effects.

New this year will be CSI: Live, a live-action "whodunit" play named after the successful TV programme, where audience members will assume the role of forensic scientists to solve the mystery. This will debut on June 14.

Shapiro also announced a new coaster will open in 2009, the first since X opened in 2002.