Mandoria, a huge indoor theme park that is open all-year round, has opened in central Poland. The theme park is inspired by the Renaissance era, styled as a 16th-centry trading city, with attractions that are made to feel that visitors are stepping back in time.

The park’s City of Adventures area is home to a host of rides and attractions, including roller coasters, classic carousels, boats on the water, and more.

Mandoria is just 20 minutes from Lodz, the third largest city in Poland. It is located in Ptak Fashion City, a mall that comprises of retail outlets and dining.

Daniel Zielinski, Mandoria’s park manager, commented on the design of the new theme park: “It has its inhabitants and its secrets.”

“Mandoria is a family park where you can discover something new all the time. And that is important – visitors will experience it together because all attractions can be enjoyed by both children and adults,” Zielinski added.