Mather & Co has been appointed to produce an interpretation plan for the ‘Discovery Point Transformed’.

The plan is due to be submitted to the National Lottery Heritage Fund in 2023. 

30 years after its original opening, the project is part of revitalising the Discovery Point Museum, located. in Dundee, Scotland.

Mather & Co has been chosen by the Dundee Heritage Trust to develop designs for a brand-new climate change gallery, a new gallery for temporary or special exhibitions, a permanent gallery telling the story of polar exploration, upgrades of existing exhibitions, and new interpretation on board RRS Discovery. 

There will also be conservation work to RRS Discovery, creating a new two-storey destination café and a new 360° dome experience.

The objective of the project is ‘to transform Discovery Point into a world-class visitor attraction for Antarctic heritage, connecting the pioneering history of the RRS Discovery with contemporary global issues.’

Dundee Heritage Trust aim to bring more vibrant learning opportunities to a wider and more diverse audience.

Josh Haynes, 3D Designer at Mather & Co said: “We’re excited to be part of reimagining the new Discovery Point galleries. There’s no better time to shine a light on how our actions are affecting the planet. Through our interpretation plan, we aim to encourage debate and a call to action to protect the world around us.

“We believe science and history does not have to be boring. We want to look at ways we can use the assets and data in fun and engaging ways that are relevant and entertaining.”

The new permanent gallery, ‘Think Global’, will feature themes of the impact of climate change on wildlife habitats, the effects of plastics in the oceans, and the importance of Antarctic science today.

Emma Halford-Forbes, Heritage & Exhibitions Director at Dundee Heritage Trust, said: Over 120 years ago Discovery set the benchmark for modern climate science. With climate change at the forefront of our minds, the time is ripe to reimagine the story of Discovery’s voyages and the amazing research that was undertaken aboard. This transformative project will create a new and exciting experience for Dundonians and visitors to the city.”