German roller coaster manufacturer Maurer Rides is developing two new rides for Knight Valley Park in Shenzhen City, China.

Located in Guangdong Province, immediately north of Hong Kong, Knight Valley operator Shenzhen OCT East Company is hoping the new SkyLoop and X-Car Launch coasters will attract both foreign and domestic visitors, as Asia continues to grow as a viable attractions destination.

Set to open at the end of 2010, the SkyLoop ride will be the second installed in China. The overhead roller coaster will include a 360-degree screw and a vertical drop with a speed of 105km/h.

"One special feature is that the SkyLoop has to be customised to the regional wind conditions and seismic loads in Shenzhen," Maurer said. "During typhoons, wind velocities can reach more than 200km/h."

Soon after the SkyLoop launch, Knight Valley will cut the ribbon on X-Car Launch, which catapults visitors upward, accelerating from zero to 70km/h within two seconds.

"Densely packed excitement is just as much a trademark of Maurer coasters as a soft ride experience which was also a major factor for award of contract of the Chinese coasters," the group added. "The sophisticated manufacturing technique guarantees a smooth ride."