A new attraction has arrived at the Blockbuster shopping mall in Kiev, Ukraine. The new indoor spinning coaster is simply named “Rollercoaster.”

The coaster begins on a mezzanine level in the mall above a go-kart track with columns. Riders are taken on a giddy journey comprising of an S-curve designed to deliberately confuse their orientation. After falling into the first drop, guests spin dizzyingly above the go-kart track. Following a series of turns, riders are taken on a final burst of four turns.

The indoor spinning coaster has been developed by Maurer Rides. The rollercoaster’s vehicles boast an eye-catching design, resembling a cheetah, bear, parrot and snake. The rollercoaster can reach speeds of up to 55km/ph. Comprising of four vehicles, the ride can accommodate up to 550 people per hour.

The Blockbuster Mall opened in 2019. On September 5, 2020, the ‘Galaxy Park’ opened inside the mall.