Maurer Rides, a leading manufacturer and supplier of amusement rides, has introduced a new interactive indoor ride.

The Maze experience challenges riders’ reaction skills, as they accelerate and brake for themselves around a labyrinth of challenges. The Maze features four zones, including the white Mystery Zone, which takes riders to mysterious spheres.

The ride’s three other zones also test riders’ reactions. A blue laser signals riders to stop immediately. Those who reach the blue laser before it switches off are rewarded with an acceleration boost.

In the explosive Action Zone, red lasers slow users down. Failing to sow down enough results in a red flash hitting the rider, forcing them to slow down.

In the foggy and toxic Yellow Haze Zone, yellow lasers provide additional speed if riders can manage to touch them.

The number of lasers and interactive elements can be changed and expanded as required by the Maze’s operators.

Combining light, fog and laser elements, the indoor ride fuses elements of gaming with virtual reality in a memorable maze experience.