German coaster manufacturers Maurer Rides have created the Spike Snow Coaster for ski resorts and mountain resorts.

This winter wonderland caters for various thrilling elements, including airtime over snow-covered hills, long curves over lakes, a non-inverted loop and even a reverse ride with a roll-back element over the mountain.

Maurer Rides have created a novel motorised snowmobile to ride around its track – making for an interactive snow coaster.

The roller coaster is ideally made for ski areas, resorts and holiday destinations in the mountains as well as traditional theme parks.

Its snowy winter landscape features are sure to give a fun ride on-board its snowmobile with the twist of its backwards roll from the rock face.

Spike’s technical specifications include 100% traction at every point of the track. Each rider controls their own speed – up to 80 km/h (50 mph), be it accelerating up the hill to extend the airtime or braking to enjoy the mountain scenery. Its track length is 550m with a height of 22m. There are six vehicles in all with a capacity of 600 passengers per hour.

The modern version of the gear drive also gives operators 100 % control with precise position of its vehicles at all times. The cutting-edge roller coaster can recover braking energy by means of recuperation to be used it again on the next incline.

A spectacular snowmobile concept suitable for all terrains from an environment and sustainability standpoint.