Melbourne Museum in Australia has become one of the first museums in the world to launch an iPad application that lets users get up close and personal with museum exhibits.

Launched in celebration of the museums 10th anniversary the Please Touch the Exhibit app aims to change the way people approach museum pieces and artworks through allowing visitors to experience and explore the galleries and collections of Melbourne Museum and Museum Victoria in a different way, according to the venue’s Timothy Hart.

It allows users take an intriguing closer look at some of the treasures that are on show at the twinned museums’ collection of more than 16 million items.

"The iPad is a fantastic tool for learning and offers a new and incredibly rich, engaging way for people all around the world to interact with our Museum," Hart said.

"We’re really delighted to be celebrating the Museum’s 10th birthday with a glimpse of how new technologies might shape the way we experience museums in the future."

Please Touch the Exhibit takes users on a tour through 10 different Melbourne Museum experiences.

The app gives virtual visitors an entirely new museum experience, taking them inside the glass display cases and creating opportunities to interact with an assortment of museum objects.