The Health and Safety Committee of the Middle East and North Africa Leisure & Attractions Council (MENALAC) has drafted a series of minimum standards and procedures for members to implement prior to the reopening of sites.

The attractions industry has been shut down in the Middle East since March because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the attraction sites are beginning to reopen, prompting MENALAC to provide members will health and safety guidelines.

Silvio Liedtke, vice president of MENALAC, has urged parks and sites reopening to do so safety and for a prolonged period. Maintaining rigid health and safety procedures for an extended period will help regain the trust of visitors and prevent another lockdown, said Liedkte.

“We urge members and operators to follow these recommended standards in conjunction with the standards that are specifically prescribed by authorities in your city/country of operation,” MENALAC’s vice president added.

The health and safety procedures include technology upgrades to reduce the need for human contact. Social distancing will also be in place until the “situation improves.”

Some members of MENALAC have begun to implement the new Standard Operating Procedures, including training employees of health and safety issues, and providing them with PPE and hand sanitiser.