The outbreak of the virus, which has led to the suspected deaths of 149 people, has prompted the closing of theme parks, sports stadiums and other public places.

The country’s benchmark IPC stock index plunged 3.3 per cent earlier this week, and the peso slumped as the ramifications of the outbreak filtered through the business and tourist community.

Following news of the outbreak, US operator Six Flags shut down indoor facilities – including restaurants and show venues – at its Mexico City theme park over the weekend at the recommendation of Mexican health officials working to contain the spread of swine flu.

Spokeswoman Sandra Daniels said the park will continue to co-operate fully with the Mexican government on the outbreak.

Meanwhile, representatives from theme park operators outside Mexican borders, particularly in the US, said they were keeping in close contact with the local public-health officials for news of any developments.

The outbreak of swine flu has put further pressure on Mexico’s already troubled tourism and travel industry. Although ranked as the world’s 10th-most-visited tourist destination, over recent months the country has been left tarnished by a rash of drug-world violence and its developing economy has been severely hit by the effects of the global recession.