Icon Park’s upcoming attraction, the Museum of Illusions, will soon be home to an array of exhibitions featuring mindboggling illusions.

From January 9, 2021, the museum will open its door to more than 50 puzzling and fascinating exhibits, designed for mental deception.

The interactive exhibitions put science, maths, psychology and other disciplines to work, creating perplexing experiences for visitors to remember and photograph.

As they journey through a series of immersive rooms, including a gravity-defying Reverse Room, guests will learn about the art of perception and how our brains process the incomprehensive.

The museum will also feature a multisensory Infinity Room, where they shrink into a miniature version of themselves as they walk across the room.

Icon Park, located on International Drive, Orlando, Florida, will be the 20th Museum of Illusions to open, and the first such museum in Orlando.

George Youngdahl, general manager of Museum of Illusions, said: “Many international guests are familiar with our concept through social networking. We can’t wait to bring our museum to Central Florida. There’s nothing quite like it here!”