Mirabilandia, the largest amusement park in Italy, opened its latest themed area, Far West Valley, this summer.

The 19,000sq.m project was conceived to bring fun and entertainment to all the family, and features a range of rides and attractions inspired by the American frontier in the 19th century.

“The legend of the Far West Valley tells the story of a group of colonists, who, after a long journey from the old continent, finally found the perfect place to settle: Mirabilandia,” the park said.

Far West Valley includes three new rides that have been inspired by the symbols and characters of this adventurous time in history.

The largest of the new rides is the Buffalo Bill Rodeo, a Zamperla Disk’o Coaster, themed on Buffalo Bill’s exploits in teaching the colonists to domesticate wild horses and organise rodeos.

Guests ride on a horse as the main disc rotates and travels along an 80m rail, reaching a height at each end of 13m.

Geronimo is a Sunkid Tower ride, themed on climbing big sequoia trees and totems and featuring two interactive towers on which guests young and old can challenge each other in a climbing competition using ropes and pulleys.

The third of the new rides is a Zamperla Kite Flyer called Aquila Tonante.

In addition to these three attractions, Far West Valley also features El Dorado Falls – a 20-seater boat ride complete with a 25m high water jump at a speed of 70km/h – and a haunted house attraction, Legends of Dead Town.