Moonraker VFX, an award-winning VFX studio based in Bristol, has been granted half a million pounds in funding from Creative England to create original and immersive 3D content for the attractions industry.

Moonraker is an established partner in developing large screen projects for attractions and museums. A recent project was the Fram Museum in Oslo, which went on to win a Thea Award.

The funding from Creative England will make it possible for operators in the attractions industry to produce their own original content. Having the ability to create their own original content has been desired in the attractions space for some time, meaning the funding could act as a game-changing opportunity for the likes of theatres in science museums and planetariums.

The funding will enable the production of ‘Moonraker Originals,’ an IMAX film with immersive 3D moments and spectacular visuals, where audiences can marvel at volcanoes erupting in front of them and meteors flying overhead.

Simon Clarke, creative director at Moonraker, commented: “As a VFX studio, we have the technical tools and expertise to realise moving images that are often hard to capture in camera. This gives us an edge to take the audiences to worlds they could never imagine – so why not package this with a great story into our own film.”

The film will be of high scientific value, potentially linking to the science curriculum and appearing on digital educational platforms.

Jon Grafton, managing director of Moonraker, commented on the collaboration with Creative England: “We’re delighted to be working with Creative England on this project. They will be highly invested and proactive in helping us move forward and will be important partners on the journey.”