Franchise owner Rodney Knight, who owns Wheel Fun Rentals in Minnesota, has branched out into mini golf, successfully operating courses designed and built by Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS).

AGS’s Modular Advantage Mini Golf system is in operation at Knight’s own mini golf courses and shopping malls.

One such site is Richfield. In the mid-1990s, AGS did not have the funds to renovate an 18-hole miniature golf concrete course that the company had designed and built at Veterans Memorial Park.

Knight says he was approached by the director of Minneapolis Parks to operate a mini golf business there. Subsequently, Knight and his Wheel Fun Rentals business gave the course a facelift. Two years ago, the entrepreneur completely renovated the Richmond mini golf course using the AGS Modular Advantage Mini Golf system.

With patented interlocking and permeable panels to provide the look and feel of a concrete course, the system benefits from faster installation and less maintenance, thereby saving the owner money compared to a concrete-built course.

Wheel Fun Rentals also operates another mini golf course in Como Park in St. Paul. Due to a returf of the original 18-hole concrete course by AGS, the site was able to use the new carpet AGS uses on their Modular Advantage courses, which significantly improved play and the customer experience.

In 2021, an additional nine holes were added to the facility by AGS, transforming the site into 27-hole course, nine of which are handicap accessible.