Nayax, a provider of cashless payments, has formed a strategic partnership with Tigapo, specialists in cloud-based management and monetisation systems for amusement parks. The partnership will mean Nayax can expand its cashless payment and consumer engagement platforms.

Nayax will employ Tigapo’s proprietary technology into its payment systems, which are powered by artificial intelligence and designed to predict visitors’ actions. Operators will be able to equip coin-operated machines with an advanced consumer engagement platform.

Tigapo will leverage Nayax’s advanced payment infrastructure to offer customers seamless integration with Nayax’s advanced payment and sales management systems.

Nair Nechmad, CEO and co-founder of Nayax, commented on the strategic partnership:

“Nayax is excited to partner with Tigapo and its state-of-the-art platform, clearly the most advanced in their industry.

“The amusement space is an attractive industry and adjacent to many current verticals we already serve with cashless payment solutions. Tigapo’s technology can be implemented into these verticals, including kiddie rides, vending machines, ticketing kiosks, and photo booths. All of this makes Tigapo a great fit for us,” Nechmad added.