Aquaman: Power Wave is poised to make a splash at Six Flags Over Texas this season. What is a first of its kind attraction in the US, the ride is a launch-style water coaster, which suspends riders at a 90-degree angle before launching them across a 700ft. track at 63mph.

Riders will be hurtled backwards, forwards and then backwards again, as they are propelled up 148ft. twin track towers before being sent into a splashdown finale through water.

Aquaman: Power Wave is the 15th coaster at Six Flags Over Texas. Travelling through water, the coaster will provide a refreshing respite from the heat during the summer.

Aquaman: Power Wave will also be the first rollercoaster installed that is themed to Aquaman.

The final piece of the water coaster was laid at Six Flags Over Texas in February 2020. The attraction is expected to open for visitors in the summer.