Visitors heading to SeaWorld San Antonio in Texas this spring can expect a thrilling experience, with the arrival of several new rides and attractions at the waterpark.

The Turtle Reef is opening in the spring, an interactive sea turtle attraction, which provides guests with a close-up look at fascinating and endangered sea turtles.

The main feature of the Turtle Reef will be a 126,000-gallon reef-themed environment, boasting a unique, natural bio-filtration system. This first-of-its-kind system creates a bio-diverse, multi-species habitat, comprising of green sea turtles and hundreds of vibrantly-coloured fish.

Another new attraction opening at SeaWorld San Antonio this spring is the Sea Swinger. This thrilling pendulum family ride will spin and swing guests 180 degrees in both directions and is poised to be one of the most electrifying swing rides in the state of Texas.

The Sea Swinger is being installed in the Turtle Reef area of the park, alongside Riptide Rescue, an additional ride opening thin the spring.

Riptide Rescue gives families the opportunity to conduct their own exciting sea turtle rescue mission. This fast-paced adventure is essentially a three-armed ride which puts family ‘rescuers’ into exhilarating spins.

The 2019 Season at SeaWorld San Antonio promises to be more action-packed and thrilling than ever with an exciting line-up of events being held, as well as the opening of exciting new rides and attractions.

On Saturday 23th February the first of four new Sesame Street Kid’s Weekends will be launched at the park. These highly interactive and fun weekends will see Sesame Street fans mingling with the likes of Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby and their much-loved furry friends.

On March 9th, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, the tallest, multi-tower drop slide in Texas, will be coming to the park, dropping riders down a staggeringly steep descent.

Later in the spring, the popular Seven Seas Food Festival will return to SeaWorld, providing guests with more than 100 mouth-watering, globally-inspired dishes to devour.