A new creative centre in the Legoland Park in Guenzburg has opened for the 90th anniversary of the Lego Group.

The area ‘Building Fun’ will run until 13 August.

‘A Master Player’ an experienced Lego master in a colourful costume, invites guests to discover their own player personality in different building challenges. The guest can be identified as Designer, Maker, Explorer, Storyteller or Dreamer depending on the personal play-preferences.

Individual building challenges matching the personality the Legoland visitors are given creative challenges depending on their determined play-type. 

For example, the solution-oriented designer builds a secret treehouse, the adventurous explorer creates a magical lion and the dreamer will be led to building ideas from rainbows to treasure chests to spaceships. The guests then receive ‘Lego Pop-Badges’ as reward. 

Legoland General Manager Manuela Stone adds: “We, the Legoland Team, think it’s great we are able to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Lego Group here in our park – with a new attraction for our guests! We are the largest Lego playroom in Germany for 20 years. That is why I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate our anniversaries together, as with a new, personality depending building fun for young and old.”