Ramses: Il Risveglio, which was developed as part of a renewal of an existing dark ride, took several months for the Lagotronics fieldcrew to complete.

During the renovation, the existing 273 meters long transportation train was renovated, new scenery was placed spread over seven scenes and almost all audiovisual equipment was renewed.

"The supplied target response system has been developed in-house by Lagotronics," Gardaland said. "It adds an interactive visitor’s experience to the dark ride. Through guns, custom designed for this attraction in the form of flashlights, visitors can ‘shoot’ at various targets.

"The LagoTRIG-system responds by quickly initiating an animation, motion, sound or video. By means of a wireless transmission between the gondolas and the central computer, these data are exchanged. The display that is fitted for every visitor indicates the points scored. This adds a competitive component to the attraction."