The Enchanted Lost Kingdom of Wyvernwood will be opening on 15 July, covering more than 20 acres in Alresford near Colchester.

‘A magical day out, a digital detox and an opportunity to connect with nature’ is what the park promise upon its opening.

The park is geared up for children aged 2-12 and attractions at the park will include go-karts, a maze and live shows alongside a Little Kingdom for younger visitors.

700 local residents were invited to experience the new theme park before it opened.

Nick White, Wyvernwood’s experiences director, said: “Visitors step through a magic portal into an immersive experience where families can escape from day-to-day life.

“Families begin their adventure in the Castle Grounds where children can scale the castle walls, set sail in the Captain’s Galleon, search for missing treasure, make their dreams come true at the Magic Wishing Well and, if they dare, discover what lies deep within the goblins’ lair.

“All the families I spoke to were enjoying just spending time together, enjoying the activities and outdoor space at Wvyernwood and meeting our wonderful characters.”