Landry’s Restaurants has informed city officials in the Texan city of Galveston it has abandoned plans to restore this historic Flagship Hotel and built an amusement park in its place.

Last year the hospitality group said it would renovate the long-dilapidated 225-room hotel and add a Chart House restaurant to the building, which remains the only one built on a pier over the Gulf of Mexico.

However, upon reviewing the plans Jeff Cantwell, senior vice-president of development for Landry’s, said: "The hotel structure just wasn’t conductive to renovate."

The group now plans to build an amusement park on the pier at 2501 Seawall Boulevard, including a double-decker carousel, a Ferris wheel and 1940s-style amusements similar to the attractions the pier featured when it was built in 1943.

Once approved, the project is slated to take about 18 months and cost about US$30m.