A new Route 66-themed rollercoaster with a new red ’57 Chevy Train’ has arrived at Santa Monica’s Pacific Park in California.

Pacific Park is located on Santa Monica Pier. Each year the family theme park attracts around 10 million guests. It is anticipated that the new R66 West-Coaster will increase ridership at the Santa Monica Pier by at least 25% to 1.4 million rides every year.

The ride was manufactured by Chance Rides, which has almost 60 years’ experience manufacturing a diverse product offering of electric CP Huntington trains, amusement park rides, trams, rollercoasters, and observation wheels.

The first coaster was installed at Santa Monica’s Pacific Park in 1996. It was manufactured by Morgan Manufacturing. Talking about developing the popular theme park further, Dick Chance, CEO of Chance Rides, said: “We are very honoured to carry this on with a fun nostalgic theme.”

Referring to the timely delivery of the rollercoaster and the modern magnetic brake technology the ride features, Dana Wyatt of Pacific Park said: “Amazingly smooth stop will be a big difference for our riders.”