Zero Latency, the Australia-based developer of free-roam virtual reality (VR) gaming, has announced that a new multiplayer VR arena will open this spring in Oklahoma’s greater Tulsa area.

Indoor go-kart racing facility Xtreme Racing and Entertainment will debut the Xtreme Virtual Reality arena powered by Zero Latency during the first week of June in the city of Broken Arrow.

The opening of the VR facility comes on the heels of an announcement earlier this month that Octane Raceway in Scottsdale, Arizona, plans to debut the Velocity VR arena, also developed by Zero Latency.

Both arenas will be the first of their kind in each region of the country, and represent the first Zero Latency arenas constructed as upgrades to current world-class karting centres.

These will join arenas in operation around the world, including Japan, Madrid, Australia and the US, with more on the way in Boston and Philadelphia.

“There is an obvious fit between the white-knuckle experience of kart racing and Zero Latency’s mind-blowing virtual reality games,” said Bob Cooney, Zero Latency’s head of global business development.

“Zero Latency’s appeal to millennials seeking high-adrenaline entertainment fits a karting centre’s customers like a driving glove.

“Our per-minute pricing models are almost identical to high-speed track time too, creating a combination that leverages the 25-40 year old customer base of any indoor karting centre to increase utilisation and profits.”

Zero Latency-powered arenas have no physical walls or obstacles, which means teams of players freely roam, walking, exploring and fighting together through different virtual terrains.