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Thorpe Park and MACK Rides Unveil Hyperia: The UK’s Tallest, Fastest and Most Weightless Rollercoaster

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Thorpe Park is set to revolutionize the thrill-seeking experience with the grand opening of Hyperia on May 24th. This all-new rollercoaster, towering over the park’s iconic skyline, is not only a marvel of engineering but also the UK’s tallest, fastest, and most weightless ride.

An Engineering Marvel by MACK Rides

Soaring to an impressive 236ft, Hyperia is the tallest rollercoaster in the UK. Built by MACK Rides, the renowned German company, this steel masterpiece reaches speeds of up to 81mph, making it the fastest coaster in the country. Spanning a track length of 995.4 meters, Hyperia is also the longest coaster at Thorpe Park. It features Europe’s tallest loop at 168ft and offers an unparalleled 14.8 seconds of weightlessness, the most on record in the UK. Additionally, Hyperia boasts a world-first with its outer-banked airtime hill, a unique element that promises an unmatched ride experience.

A Legend Brought to Life

Hyperia is inspired by the mythical tale of the daughter of an ancient river God. Trapped by her fear of water, she crafted wings of steel and soared above the waters that once confined her, symbolizing triumph over adversity. This narrative is woven into the ride experience, inviting riders to “Find Their Fearless” as they navigate the thrilling twists and turns.

The Ultimate Thrill-Seekers’ Destination

Thorpe Park’s latest attraction beckons thrill-seekers from all over to experience the blend of high-speed excitement and immersive storytelling. Hyperia is designed not just to entertain, but to inspire, making riders feel weightless, fearless, and invincible.

A Milestone for Thorpe Park and MACK Rides

The collaboration between Thorpe Park and MACK Rides brings together innovative design and engineering excellence. This partnership has culminated in a rollercoaster that sets new benchmarks in the industry and provides an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Images: Thorpe Park and MACK Rides

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