A number of parks are adding ‘plus-sized’ seats to roller coasters and ‘test’ seats at the beginning of rides queues, so overweight riders are spared the embarrassment of not fitting in when they get to the load platform.

In a recent interview, Busch Entertainment Corporation spokesperson, Damon Andrews, said: “It’s an issue we’ve recognised and tried to make accommodations where they have made sense.

“Depending on whether the ride manufacturer allows it we have made accommodations ranging from extended seat belts to adding extra-large seats on some rides.”

Reports have also suggested that The Walt Disney Company will introduce larger boats and a deeper flume on the It’s A Small World attraction at Disneyland, to prevent boats ‘bottoming out’ and coming to a stop due to the extra weight carried by some riders.
In response to increasing levels of child obesity, Disney has also announced that over the next two years it will phase out trans fats from food served at its theme parks in Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Trans fats will not be used in US parks by year-end as planned.