Ocean Park in Hong Kong is to be developed into a holiday resort with the addition of glamping and zipline facilities.

The park’s executive director, Timothy Ng Sau-kin, said the destination need to reposition itself, stating: “We are no longer just an amusement park. We will be a holiday resort.”

Reports suggest that Ocean Park will begin to phase out attractions, such as Mine Train and the Ferris Wheel, in order to reduce costs. It is expected to continue to operate around seven or eight rides that have been launched in the past 10 years.

The site is due to begin recruiting operators for a number of new zones, including a retail, dining and entertainment zone, an adventure zone and a wellness zone. The three zones will cover 376,000 sq. mt.

Plans are also in motion for Ocean Park to recruit a company to construct and operate zipline facilities located near the Raging River and Mine Train rides.

Lau Ming-wai, chairman of Ocean Park Corporation, said: “We can only achieve the park’s new vision with the right lineup of partners who share the long-term not only for the park, but also Hong Kong in general.”