The Water World waterpark at the Ocean Park theme park in Hong Kong is currently in its finishing touches, preparing for launching later this year.

The waterpark will be the first and only year-round, all-weather seaside waterpark in Asia. The venue will be home to 27 outdoor and indoor attractions, including the first ever indoor wave pool in Hong Kong.

Inside the indoor wave pool, guests will be able to enjoy calm, lapping waves which transform into strong and powerful double diamond waves, where visitors can experience a memorable surf ride.

Among the attractions are nine dynamic water slides and a surf rider. The park features five zones – Thrill Valley, Splendid Reef, Torrential River, Adventure Coast and Hidden Village.

Torrential River and Thrill Valley are home to the most extreme water slides, including Cyclone Spins and Daredevil Drops.

At Horizon Cove, guests can relax and watch entertainment and programmes on a large screen and on a centre stage.