Overseas Chinese Town Enterprise’s (OCT) Happy South Island project has been officially signed and given the go ahead. Happy South Island is being built in Pingtan, Fujian province. It will be the first ever large-scale cultural and tourism complex developed by OCT in the Fujian province.

The development has a total investment of approximately 10 billion yuan. Happy South Island will be an updated version of OCT’s Happy Coast Park, a wetland park, science, and technology park, with a creative zone, carnival area, cultural area, food zone, a hotel complex, and other facilities.

The theme of the project will be centred on wind, stone, water, and fire. The site will integrate coastal tourism with scientific and technological creativity, ecological health care, urban entertainment, cultural performances, and much more.

The park will also embed Taiwan elements into its theme, to help broaden it appeal to tourists.

OCT’s Happy South Island project is due to partially open within three years of construction starting.