The animation and characterisation skills of Pan Amusements are being employed in a new themed attraction at Calaway Park in Calgary, Canada.

Pan, world leader in electronic shooting galleries, is using its experience to design and create the reception area and rooms at the Haunted Hotel attraction at the amusement parks.

Pan has also recorded the scary soundtrack, which is activated as visitors approach the various rooms of the hotel. First to be built is the reception and one of the strange rooms with even stranger guests.

Mirrors crack, lights flicker, an electric storm rages, eyes in a picture dart from side to side, objects spin and fly and an unknown creature watches on from the antique chimney.

Finally, the room guest's fan moves away from her face and the waiter turns towards the visitor revealing skeletal remains.

Paul Adams, general manager of Pan Amusements, said: "We are recognised worldwide for our electronic shooting galleries and their superb family play value.

"However we also have a reputation for using our skills to build scenery and animated figures for operators own attractions such as ghost trains, themed rides and water features. Calaway Park is a long standing customer for our galleries and immediately turned to us to transform their attraction."

"Our galleries continue to sell well but by using our basic skills in different areas we have been able to meet the needs of customers and expand our business," Adams said.