The Peppa Pig Theme Park in Winter Haven, Florida, has announced it will open as a Certified Autism Centre.

The announcement was made at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attraction (IAAPA) taking place in Orlando from November 15 to November 19.

The theme park is teaming up with the International Board to Credentialing and Education Standards (IBCCES) to acquire the accreditation as a certified autism centre (CAC).

Peppa Pig Theme Park is due to open on February 24, 2021. The IBCCES will collaborate with the amusement destination to carry out autism sensitivity and awareness training among staff. The training will feature a wide spectrum of topics, including sensory awareness, environment, communication, motor and social skills, program development, as well as emotional awareness. Participants will undertake a comprehensive autism competency exam.

IBCCES is also conducting an in-depth review of the new theme park to craft a sensory guide. The guide will feature a review of each attraction at the theme park by examining how a child with sensory processing difficulties may be impacted by each of the five senses. This will then act as a planning tool which will provide the details requires to make it easier for families to plan activities for their child’s unique needs.

Additionally, the Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride is to feature wheelchair access, enabling guests in wheelchairs to sit inside baskets designed to resemble hot air balloons without having to leave their chair.