The Pokémon Fossil Museum, a new travelling exhibit delivered by the Pokémon Company, has begun its tour of Japan.

The travelling exhibit has started at the Mikasa City Museum in Hokkaido. On September 20, it will move to the Shimane Nature Museum of Mt. Sanbe.

The temporary exhibit features the ‘fossils’ of Pokémon characters, next to real-life relics, as a mean of introducing children to palaeontology.

Guests will be able to compare Pokémon with ‘actual’ fossils that are dug up around the world, while having fun and leanirng about palaeontology. There are life-size displays of Pokémon characters including Omanyte and Aerodactyl.

By drawing similarities between the natural world and fictional creatures, the exhibit is similar to the Natural History Museum’s Fantastic Beasts exhibition.

The Pokémon Fossil Museum will head to Tokyo’s national Museum of Nature and Science in spring 2022. It will then move to the Toyohashi Museum of Natural History in the summer.