Turkish company Polin, in conjunction with its Canadian partner, has completed an indoor installation of a Compact Slide at Hockessin in New Jersey, US, which features special angle and radius components meaning it can fit into even the smallest of pool spaces.
What is unique about this slide is that it provides maximum room for riders of almost all ages and size. For this particular location, Polin was able to offer a solution that saw the slide located on the existing island between the three pools, which cover an area of 2,000sq. m.
As well as this recent installation, Polin has made some modifications to its Pirate Ship product following customer feedback that the interactive play centre would be more desirable in a compact version to fit any pool, residential or municipal area. Mini Pirate Slide, which continues with the pirate theming, delivers fun, safety, function, comfort and ease of operation and maintenance. It is also easy to ship and to install.