Polin Waterparks, specialists in the design, production and installation of waterparks and water play attractions, has unveiled the Stingray, a new waterslide experience.

The Stingray Waterslide is a four-lane, high-capacity racing tube slide, which boasts a compact design. Riders commence the slide at a slide tower, which has a unique roof structure that provides shade and cooling mist overhead.

The enclosed flumes weave over each other forcing riders to cross one another’s path, before exiting into gigantic bowls. The bowls comprise of two different size paths, one of which is longer, faster and more exhilarating and the other is shorter and smaller in diameter. The choice of lanes encourages riders to keep returning to the waterslide to ensure they experience both options.

The Stingray features vivid, fibreglass theming and custom colouring. Thanks to Polin’s innovative ‘UTexture’ technology, its artwork is long-lasting, UV-protected and visually appealing.

Adding to the unique experience of the water attraction is the sound show that accompanies riders, who will hear the sound of the Stingray’s wings as they spin inside the huge bowl. In the outer bowl, riders will find themselves experiencing the dark and mysterious ocean with a sound and light show.

“With its lights, sounds, multiple ride paths and the capabilities of Polin’s state-of-the-art technology ‘u-texture’, Stingray is the new main attraction of the amusement industry,” said Polin in a press statement.