During next week’s IAAPA Attractions Expo in Florida, Polin Waterparks will provide a preview of its latest attraction, Storm Racer.

The company will be providing IAAPA attendees at its booth with virtual reality goggles so they can experience the waterslide from a rider’s perspective.

According to Polin, Storm Racer incorporates a variety of features that set it apart from every previously designed waterslides in the industry: unique geometry, high capacity, a pioneering ride configuration and an exclusive, interactive ‘Watersplash’ feature that ensures intense competition and blasts of adrenaline.

“The slide’s streamlined geometric path is unlike any other previously designed attraction,” the company said ahead of this year’s Florida expo. “The result is an expertly engineered waterslide that takes guests by surprise from the start of the ride when they launch from an exceptional height of 24m.”

Upon entering the slide, guests shoot through a closed tube that curves downward in a wide arc. They then are plunged into an open bowl configuration where they experience the strength of centrifugal force as they are propelled up a wide, sweeping, curved, vertical slope.

Rafts rush toward the top of the slope and – just before they seemingly shoot over the edge – gravity safely pulls them backward in a reverse ride.

“The energy gained in this journey provides the force to propel them down and out of the bowl where their high-adrenaline journey is extended through another closed tube before ending in a splash pool or run-out,” said Polin.