The interactive waterpark attraction sector has a new competitive edge, following Polin Waterparks’ recent launch of an innovative new gaming system, Splash Cabin.

Developed by Polin in partnership with Lagotronics, Splash Cabin is a unique game that allows two players to engage in a fun, water-fulled battle with animated competitors using an interactive screen.

Guests play from inside a beach-bungalow-style cabin and score points by hitting moving targets while trying to avoid being hit themselves by waterjets shooting from screen-embedded nozzles.

Players earn points for hitting targets, and the loser is doused with a water-splash surprise.

Splash Cabin recently debuted at Aquafantasy Waterpark in Turkey.

“Offering breakthrough attractions is the norm for our park, which is one of the largest in Turkey,” said waterpark manager, Muharrem Atilla. “But the Splash Cabin is a completely new attraction, even for us.”

“It combines so many elements that deliver guest satisfaction. Multiple guests can play simultaneously, the queues move quickly due to the limited game timing, and they can even share their experiences on social media, which expands exposure of the attraction to potential new fans who aren’t even at the park.”