Polin Waterparks, specialists in the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of rides and attractions at waterparks around the world, has launched an open innovation platform called INNOKIND.

The open invitation platform is the first of its kind in the amusement and attractions industry. It invites contributors with a passion for innovation, from industry professionals to students and park visitors to suppliers and investors. Innovative ideas are submitted to the platform. They are then evaluated by a jury of academics and professionals and awarded by Polin Waterparks.

The goal of INNOKIND is to develop exemplary innovative projects in the amusement industry by bringing together creative ideas and projects.

Şöhret Pakiş, director of marketing and communications at Polin Waterparks, said: “As the Polin Family, we are excited and proud to hold a global platform that is open for participation by all innovation seekers. We hope this platform will generate an abundance of fresh, innovative ideas for both our industry and the world.”

Anyone wishing to submit innovative ideas they can do so via the INNOKIND Open Innovation Platform.