Premier Rides’ newest high-tech thrill ride, the Yamaha Racing Coaster, has opened at the Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park in Bandung, Indonesia.

The new theme park is the largest indoor facility of its type in the world, and US-based Premier Rides designed, built and supervised the installation of what has become the signature attraction of the park.

The Yamaha Racing Coaster is a 50m tall launch coaster that uses magnetic drive technology to slingshot riders from zero to over 100km per hour in just over two seconds.

The coaster features multiple inversions and a vertical zero G spike that gives the sensation that riders will be shot off the end of the track.

Jim Seay, president of Premier Rides, commented: "The Yamaha Racing Coaster is one of the most advanced technology attractions we have built.

"It is amazing to watch the ride in action especially where the five ton train loaded with riders is lifted vertically to a height of 50m with only a powerful magnetic wave touching the train."