ProSlide, specialists in the design and manufacture of water rides and attractions, has announced the arrival of the Dueling RocketBLAST / FlyingSAUCER 20 hybrid water coaster at Splashway Water Park and Campground in Sheridan, Texas.

The dueling water coaster is designed to redefine the water coaster experience, featuring the most amount of FlyingSAUCER features ever on one water ride.

Splash Blasters see riders speed down twists and turns as they are propelled by ProSlide’s unique BLAST jet propulsion technology. Thrill seekers compete with one another to reach the finishing plunge first, experiencing ‘drop and dive’ sensations on the way, as they race through the different features of the award-winning FlyingSAUCER.

Thanks to new RallyPOINT dueling technology, riders are able to see other racers speeding down the slide through open low-separator walls.

Talking about bringing the world first dueling water coaster to Splashway Water Park, Ray Smegal, chief commercial officer at ProSlide, said:

“Splashway are proven innovators. This is their third major ride expansion in 4 years, and we are excited to have their guests experience the new technology and innovation incorporated in this ride.

“Splashway is a true family waterpark run by a great team. And this opportunity arose when we were creating something really special and Splashway was looking to raise the bar again.”

Noting the innovative technology ProSlide have used to create the dueling water coaster, Smegal added:

“We’ve combined competitive racing elements, patented jet propulsion technology and award-winning saucer design to engineer something that is truly the best of the best.”