ProSlide, leaders in the design and manufacture of water rides and attractions, has launched a new website. The site is designed to provide visitors with a user-friendly experience as they navigate their way through ProSlide’s full product portfolio.

The website showcases the company’s many iconic industry innovations over the 35 years ProSlide has been dominating the water ride sector.

Ray Smegal, COO ProSlide, commented on the launch of the new site: “The new ProSlide website is a showcase of our newest water ride technology and the global projects that are transforming water parks. It’s a celebration of our industry and a roadmap to expanding and developing the next, great water parks around the world,” he said.

The innovative and user-friendly new features on the website includes look-head navigation, which reduces the number of users’ clicks to navigate the site. Product filters is another key feature, enabling users to narrow down the product portfolio by selecting key performance attributes the product they are looking for needs to have.

The site has been designed to rapid-response functionality, meaning it is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. ProSlide’s updated website also has a quicker response time, enabling the faster upload of images and videos that demonstrates the workmanship and quality of the products on offer.

ProSlide’s new website can be viewed here.