ProSlide is well-known for creating iconic water rides for waterparks worldwide and none more so that its MammothBLAST Water Coaster.

Powered by advanced BLAST water propulsion technology, the rafting adventure combines speed and power to give riders a memorable water ride experience.

Hailed as the ‘ultimate family water coaster experience,’ the MammothBLAST can accommodate up to five riders at a time, who race down the slide in a face-to-face position.

The attraction is equipped with patented high-pressure water jets, designed to drive the rafts higher, faster and longer than other ‘blaster’ coasters.

Featuring tight turns, steep climbs and fast drops, the MammothBLAST mimics the experience of a rollercoaster, as riders feel the power as the water propulsion drives them round every bend.

ProSlide’s MammothBLAST Water Coaster can be customised to include other ProSlide family ride features, such as the PowerRIVER or the FlyingSAUCER, into a single experience.