Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, Connecticut, is due to open on April 24, 2021, alongside community service initiatives.

Guests to the amusement park will be offered discounts on all-day ride passes when they donate items for charitable organisations.

Eric Anderson, president at Quassy Amusement Park, commented: “With so many families struggling during the Covid crisis, the park decided to dedicate its first two weekends to causes that will assist in a number of ways.”

Food items donated to the park will be given to local food pantries. Personal care donations will go to Acts 4 Ministry in Waterbury, Connecticut, and dog food and dog toys will be given to Brass City Rescue, also in Waterbury.

The attraction site also has a long-standing partnership with Greater Waterbury Campership Fund, dedicated to enabling children from underprivileged families attend summer camp.

As Anderson added: “The park will continue to support campership. We have always given a portion of opening weekend proceeds to them, although that didn’t happen last year due to our late opening (June 20) because of the pandemic. However, we did make a contribution late in the season.”