Raging Waves, Illinois’ largest waterpark, is bringing the award-winning ProSlide TornadoWave to the resort for the 2016 season.

Raging Waves will be one of just three waterparks in the US to have the popular new ride.

Keeping with its Australian theme, the waterpark has named the attraction ‘Wonambi’ after a prehistoric constrictor snake native to Australia that literally took the breath away from its prey.

The jaw dropping new ride does the same thing, sending a four-person raft into high speed, near-vertical, zero gravity moments where riders experience an unparalleled feeling of weightlessness.

“Wonambi truly does take your breath away and it is one of the most dynamic and thrilling rides that a waterpark has to offer,” said Randy Witt, Raging Waves co-owner. “When it comes to offering thrills, Raging Waves leads the way in the Midwest.”