RCI Adventure Products, providers of entertainment products for adventure attractions, has launched a new Sterilisation Station. The station is designed to keep shared harnesses and climbing equipment virus and bacteria-free.

The product heats harnesses and other safety equipment to disinfect it safely and efficiently. Operators can use the sterilisation station to sanitise and sterilise equipment to meet health and safety guidelines, while maximising business efficiency.

Using temperatures of 133 – 149 degrees, viruses and bacteria are removed quickly from equipment. The compact cabinet is specifically designed to heat RCI Adventure Products’ safety equipment. The station has a cycle time of 25 to 35 minutes.

The product is designed to provide customers with peace of mind they are protected from Covid-19 when enjoying adventure entertainment.

Ronda Hulst, director of client success for RCI Adventure Products, spoke about the aim of the Sterilisation Station: “As COVID-19 was starting and business owners were looking for a way to reopen their ropes courses, they needed a way to sanitize their safety equipment – things that were coming into contact with the body.

“Heat is the best for us. Because we are using life-saving equipment in terms of the harnesses and sling line, we cannot use harsh chemicals on it to be sterilized,” Hulst added.