The rebirth of Top Thrill Dragster has been confirmed at Cedar Point in the shape of Top Thrill 2.

The updated version of the dragster themed ride will be the world’s Tallest & Fastest Triple-Launch Strata Coaster.

Zamperla Rides has confirmed that it will be building the ride and, in a statement, said “We are excited about this thrilling project and grateful for the trust Cedar Point has given us.

“This challenging project pushed our boundaries, and showcases the dedication of our exceptional team, as they introduce new solutions, materials, and technologies into this iconic ride.”

The rides’ linear synchronous motor (LSM) technology will create an acceleration to initially launch from 0-74mph. Meanwhile, its third launch will propel riders up to a race 120mph and all comes courtesy of the new CP Racing Team.

“Have a need for speed? Get revved up in 2024 and buckle in as Cedar Point introduces Top Thrill 2, the world’s TALLEST and FASTEST triple-launch strata coaster,” confirmed Cedar Point in a press release.

The big differences between its predecessor and now are that the ride will launch not once, but three times. Also, riders will experience the famous rollback felt by some riders on the original version of Top Thrill Dragster when the ride carriage doesn’t quite complete its lap and returns to the launch in reverse. 

Another new feature is that riders are to be launched backward to ‘rise into the sky on a new, cloud-piercing vertical tower, giving you never-before-seen views of America’s Roller Coaster.’

Top Thrill 2 confirming a second vertical tower so that the park houses the only dual-tower strata coaster in the world.

A new formula for thrills at the Cedar Point vertical speedway is ready for lights out in summer 2024.

Images: Cedar Point