The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland roller coaster has began a three-week trial of rides to members of staff at the Plopsaland De Panne theme park in Belgium.

The trial period started on July 1 and will finish on July 21, 2021. Each rider of the new spinning coaster is being presented with a ‘Certificate of Happiness’ as proof that they have been among the first to experience the coaster.

The ride cost 1.7 million euros to build and is the first extreme spinning coaster to be built in Europe by Mack Rides. It is only the second such coaster in the world, the other being located at Silver Dollar City in the US.

Visitors at the Belgium theme park can enjoy a thrilling journey over 1km of track, where they reach a maximum height of 35 metres and a top speed of 90 kmph. The ride comprises of five inversions, and four-seater cars that rotate freely, meaning riders experience a different ride each time. A soundtrack accompanies the journey.

The coaster boasts theming that is inspired by the Tomorrowland festival. It is located in the Tomorrowland zone of the theme park.