RiseNY, the first flying theatre in the United States’ northeast, recently opened in Times Square.

The attraction relays New York city’s fascinating history through a series of museum galleries. The attraction culminates with a simulated flight, taking visitors on a sweeping journey over views of the 9/11 Memorial, Brooklyn Bridge and other iconic New York landmarks.

The development of RiseNY was a collaborative effort between Running Subway and Super 78, which worked on the design of the attraction. Having specialised in visual effects and attractions development for 25 years, Super 78 is one of the industry’s leading creators of flying theatre rides.

Brent Young, Super 78’s co-founder and president, commented on the new attraction: “There is great depth to the attraction. On average, guests spend 60 minutes exploring “RiseNY,” but some linger longer. Visitors can access and unpack lots of layers.”

Visitors board Brogent Technologies’ 46-passenger, m-Ride flying theatre ride vehicles, which are designed to pivot 180 degrees.

“The story, itself, is timeless. It’s the story of New York,” Young added.