A new family coaster designed by Rocky Mountain Construction has been unveiled.

It will be known as the Wild Moose Coaster and fit in the same confined as a typical Wild Mouse attraction. It will feature RMC’s I-Box track for a modern twist on a roller coaster classic.

“We started with redefining classic wooden coasters, and now we’ve got our eyes set on redefining the entire midway,” RMC confirmed in a press release.

“One of the most exciting things about the Wild Moose Coaster is that it can traverse almost any track layout imaginable.”

“With our patented I-Box system, we are able to fabricate track so twisted that it almost appears deformed. This gives us an unparalleled ability to introduce new ride experiences and wonky visuals that can only be described with one word: fun!”

The tale of the tape for the Wild Moose consists of a 47ft tall structure with a track length of 1,260ft. The ride will send guests in a whirl with a top speed of 35mph and cater for 800 riders per hour.

Image: RMC