The original Legoland theme park celebrated the start of its 50th season recently with a visit from Danish royalty.

TRH Prince Joachim and Princess Marie (pictured above) were there on March 24 to join in the fun and witness a number of upgrades to Legoland Billund in this special anniversary year. As can also be seen above, the park’s entry portal is now filled with rich colours and many new Lego models.

One of the best-loved areas, Legoredo Town, has been overhauled with the addition of a new family coaster and renovation of its popular canoe ride which, after 25 years, has given more than 18 boat trips. Supplied by Zierer, the new Flying Eagle rollercoaster flies through an impressive Rocky Mountain inspired landscape past lakes and Lego animals. Featuring a first drop of 11m, it reaches a top speed of 46km/h.

“We look very much forward to celebrating LEGOLAND’s 50th birthday together with our guests,” says the Danish park’s managing director, Christian Woller.