RWS Entertainment Group, an award-wining, full-service production company that develops branded experiences globally, has partnered with CrowdRX, a team of public safety experts who specialise in mitigating health risks during mass gatherings.

Working in partnership, the two organisations are developing a series of protocols designed to standardise the safety and protection of performers in the live entertainment industry across the globe.

The ‘Health and Hygiene Protocol for Performing Artists’ is a practical guide which sets the standards for entertainment operators to carry out safe rehearsals and shows.

These health and sanitation protocols are specifically tailored for the unique needs of the entertainment industry. They include recommendations for the likes of costume character sanitation, performer PPE requirements, performer and musician physical distancing, backstage crew sanitation guidelines, and more.

Dr. Matt Friedman, CrowdRX’s national medical director, commented on the collaboration:
“When RWS came to me with this challenge, we started with the CDC public health safety guidelines—but we didn’t stop there.

“Live production calls for additional measures that we tailored specifically for the safety of both the performers and the audience in the experiential entertainment industry.”

Thomas Mack, managing director at theme park and resort Europa-Park, said: “We rely on our partners like RWS, to help our entertainment team in the production of our live experiences.

“RWS is effectively helping us to bring these experiences to our consumers in a timely, fun and safe way,” Mack continued.